Metallurgical Plants & Continuous Casters

SMS group Metallurgical Plant and Continuous Casters business involves steelmaking, secondary metallurgy, continuous casting and environmental protection such as gas cleaning. We provide the services such as process innovation, equipment design, and turnkey project. We have accumulated rich experience around two hundred years in the metallurgical industry, and obtained worldwide excellence. The Metallurgical Plant and Continuous Casters division is responsible for the SMS group's global business areas in the market of Metallurgical Plant and Continuous Casters, headquarters in Dusseldorf. In order to better serve the Chinese market, SMS group China sets the corresponding division. 

Brief introduction to the technologies is as follows:

X-Melt®-Steel making technology, including BOF, AOD, EAF and CONARC®

Thoroughly thought through. Our solutions are designed according to your planned capacity, the charge materials you use such as pig iron, sponge iron or scrap, and the final products you require. We range from optimum-performance EAFs (direct and alternating current) to modern AOD and MRP converters to innovative combinations of both in the form of our CONARC® system (CONverter process with electric ARC steelmaking). Your advantages: high operating security, extensive automation, long service life and maintenance-free designs that ensure our plants meet all your demands – today and in the future.

SMS MEVAC-Secondary metallurgy technology, including Ladle Furnace, VD/VOD, RH etc.

New product positioning with high quality. Today, we constantly develop high quality product to meet the blooming market requirement. So we have to use suitable refining technology. As long as you use our advanced refining technology, whatever new plant or revamping project, it will make you in the leading position to meet future market demand. According to your goals, we will develop the most economical metallurgy process. Whether vacuum treatment to remove oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, powder injection for desulphurization, alloying or electrical or chemical heating and so on, we always can provide the appropriate equipment with matching electrical automation system. Choosing one or several products from our full range of secondary metallurgy systems (such as stainless steel production) to meet the quality requirements of your different final production.

X-Cast®-Slab Continue Casting Technology

Homogenous to the surface core It makes us proud that our engineers have played a large role in optimizing continuous casting technology. You as a steel producer appreciate our X-Cast® molds with resonance oscillation, Cyberlink® segments with Dynamic Soft Reduction® and X-Pact® electrics and automation packages as more than just technical jargon. They are the keys for consistently high product quality. That’s because these innovative technologies enable you to produce billets with an entirely perfect internal quality-including middle and thick slabs, thin slabs, square billets, round billets and other shape billets, etc.

High speed, low costs
Our casters are designed so that you achieve high productivity based on the right casting speeds and parallel strands. Furthermore, the maintenance-friendly segment design ensures short changeover time, these durable practical technologies play an important role in customers production and enable to maximize production efficiency. Depending on the final products and capacities you require, we supply plants in arc or vertical bending versions (design).

CSP®-Thin slabs continue casting and rolling technology

High Efficiency-High Quality : Whatever you produce, whether quality grades or mass-market steels, strip steels with properties specially geared to customers. You need your own special technology, then you can be in intense market competition remain invincible. You meet these demands with our CSP® plants. The initials stand for Compact Strip Production. More exactly, this name denotes a continuous process during which liquid steel is directly processed into thin or ultra-thin hot strip-significantly thinner than 1.0 mm and in semi-endless operation with slab lengths of more than 260 meters.
High Starting Point High Return. Not just its compact design makes this economical and highly productive plant solution something else. Even more important is the skill of using state-of-the-art technology to keep the technological parameters during production (such as temperature, pressure and tension). Only then can you exactly achieve the metallurgical properties you require. Equally important within this package are our patented CSP® mold with hydraulic oscillation, the CVCplus® technology applied during the rolling process as well as our process models for strip flatness and thickness control. Their smooth meshing due to our X-Pact® automation gives you first-class strip qualities.